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Pre-transaction strategy and preparation

Selling a business can be a life-changing event for owner managers and the decision to do so should only be made after a careful assessment of all the options available to shareholders and of all the risks involved in embarking on a sales process.

For shareholders approaching such a decision we can help them to assess their exit options by performing a Strategic Exit Review.

Such a review will look at all aspects of the business, its value drivers and the market in which it operates and will consider the likely appetite of strategic buyers, as well as assessing the potential value of the business.

The results of the Strategic Exit Review, when considered in the context of a shareholder's personal aspirations, will help us to define the nature of the exit to be pursued - be it an outright sale, a partial disposal or a flotation - and the transaction process which should be pursued in order to maximise value.

We recommend that a Strategic Exit Review take place at the earliest possible opportunity to allow sufficient time to prepare the business for sale.

Pre-transaction preparation is fundamental to a successful transaction process as it ensures there are no surprises for either the vendor or the buyer. In our pre-transaction preparation we will look at all aspects of the business to ensure that it will stand up to the most robust of due diligence investigations, thereby removing the possibility of last minute negotiations or changes to the agreed commercial terms of a transaction.

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