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What our clients say

Matthew Clark, CEO at TCP Lifesystems Ltd

If there was ever a compelling example of long term commitment to supporting a client, Ignition delivered it. Peter has worked very closely with us over the years providing a unique mix of hands on assistance and highlevel strategic advice to the business. His support and reassurance as we drove the business for growth in partnership with the leading clients in the sector was invaluable. Ignition’s focus, like ours, was always to build long term value as opposed to looking for the next transaction.

When we decided to sell the business, Ignition’s flexible operating model allowed Peter to work in the business as we required, fulfilling the role as both a Corporate Finance adviser and part-time Finance Director. This ensured a smooth due diligence process and greatly assisted the final deal negotiations.

Tony Houldsworth, CEO at PCMS Limited

Prior to his ultimate exit, Finbar helped the founding shareholder of PCMS to understand the attractiveness of selling the business to its management team, backed by a Private Equity investor.

Finbar’s outline of how the transaction would work in practice, the likely appetite of Private Equity investors in the business and his design of a transaction process, which protected the vendor’s need for complete confidentiality, was fundamental in making the deal happen.

I have worked with Finbar before when, as a Partner at PwC, he assisted me in the sale of my first software business, MATRA, and so I was fully aware of his Corporate Finance capabilities. However, the speed with which he built a deep and trusting relationship with the other members of my management team was impressive. Each and every one of my team would echo my sentiment that Ignition’s assistance was invaluable in achieving such a successful outcome for all involved.

Andy Boteler, Chief Financial Officer at Gooch & Housego

Acquisition of Stingray Optics by Gooch & Housego Plc

The acquisition of StingRay meets our strategic aims of moving up the value chain and diversifying the business through increasing our footprint in the Aerospace and Defence sector. It is a profitable and growing business in its own right, which has established an excellent reputation in the US Defence industry for the high quality of its custom optical assemblies.

Peter provided us with strategic advice and challenge through out the acquisition from the initial valuation to final commercial terms of the sale and purchase agreement. It was great to work with him again

Acquisition of Kent Periscopes by Gooch & Housego Plc

We are delighted to have completed the acquisition of Kent, which meets our strategic aims of moving up the value chain and diversification through increasing our footprint in the Aerospace & Defence sector.

This was the first significant deal that G&H has completed since 2013, so it was extremely helpful for us to be able to call on Peter’s experience of working with G&H over many years.

Acquisition of Spanoptics Ltd by Gooch & Housego plc

We are delighted to have completed the acquisition of Spanoptic which strengthens Gooch & Housego's core precision optics manufacturing capabilities and provides a sound foundation for developing our sub-systemsbusiness. It was great to work with Peter again, and I would like to thank him for all his support. His relationship with G&H now goes back over 15 years and 6 acquisitions. This knowledge and experience of our business, together with his strong technology track record, ensures a very proactive aspect to his advice as he understands those key elements of any acquisition which are important to a company of our type.

Stephen Thompson, CEO at Indigo Telecom Group

We would all like to thank Peter for the for the significant investment of his time and expertise to ensure not only the transaction completed, but with a funding package that allows us to move forward to pursue a number of acquisitions.

His significant experience of working for management teams, investors and major corporates, on both the buy and sell side, coupled with Ignition’s partner led model, provides a key differentiator against a number of his competitors. As a management team completing our first transaction that experience was invaluable and we look forward to working with Ignition in the future

Richard Turner, CEO and Majority Shareholder in Articad Holdings Limited

Finbar’s compelling presentation of the strategic benefits that would likely flow from the partnership with SHD clearly demonstrated the very significant value that could be created through the partnership with SHD and its Berlin based financial backers. It also convinced me to retain an equity stake in Articad so as to benefit from the incremental value that will be created.

Ignition Corporate Finance were recommended to me by our Non Executive Director, who had previously been advised by Finbar and Peter on a number of corporate finance transactions in the software market.

Based on the service they have provided to me both during the transaction and indeed subsequent to it, as we deliver the strategic benefits the partnership with SHD affords, I would similarly have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Ignition to the owner/managers of any software company who are contemplating the sale of their business.

Richard O’Keefe, CEO and Shareholder in Convert2Green Limited

We are delighted with the support and advice we received from Ignition Corporate Finance not just during the actual sale process, but also for their strategic input as we developed the business over the years and in helping us to position all aspects of the business for its ultimate sale.

From helping us develop our business strategy to the forensically detailed financial analysis required for the sales documentation and the due diligence process, Finbar brought a hugely impressive breadth of skill and judgment. In particular, the strategic understanding of our business, and also that of the acquirer, ensured that we identified the best possible partner for the business going forward.

We are delighted with the outcome Ignition helped us to achieve.

Stewart Holness, CEO at Integrity Software Group

Sale of Integrity Software Construction Division to Explorer Software

With a limited number of potential acquirers, all of whom were our competitors, it was essential that we ran a focused & confidential process

Ignition’s ability to access the key decision makers and their hands on management of the buyers meant they ran a hugely effective process – agreeing terms to completion in 6 weeks, including Christmas!

A great outcome that most M&A teams would not have achieved or even tried.

Sale of Integrity Software Salon Division to CSI

Our acquirer audience were either direct competition, or known to us but only operating outside Europe, and all were non UK HQ, hence requiring very careful approaches.

Ignition did a great job of getting us into the right meetings very efficiently.

With strong supporting materials and a very hands on team approach we got the results we wanted. Very few M&A partners would have done such a good job.

Tom Curran, CEO at Kings Court Trust

At Kings Court Trust, we seek to put the family first and are constantly looking for ways in which we can help them through a difficult time. We want to work with partners who share these values and this was critical when choosing an investor with whom to work. We believe the probate market is going to change dramatically in the next few years and Smedvig's experience in building innovative legal businesses should stand us in very good stead.

We would like to thank Peter for all his help in the smooth management of the transaction. Peter's substantial experience of working with entrepreneurial private companies and his understanding of the demands of venture capital investors allowed us to continue to focus on running the business whilst the process was underway.

I have completed a number of transactions with Peter over the last 10 years but this is the first one with Ignition. As an owner manager, I believe that Ignition's 100% partner model is a key differentiator against a number of the larger firms. To have someone of Peter's experience offering strategic advice, whilst also knowing the detail, is a great combination to work with.

Fraser Smeaton, CEO at AFG Media

We are delighted to have completed the acquisition of Digital Dudz in time for this year's Halloween. We are committed to reinventing the consumer's expectations of fancy dress and incorporating smartphone technology in our designs is another innovative step on our roadmap of new costumes.

There are 31 million smartphones in the UK and Google searches for wearable technology have increased six fold in the last 6 months. We've applied this insight by using mobile devices to bring our costumes to life with animations from bleeding wounds to moving eyes.

It was great to team up with Peter again, less than a year from taking the investment from the Business Growth Fund. We operate in a very specialist but truly international market, however Peter understands our business and provides an effective challenge process on new investments.

His experience of US acquisitions was key in structuring a transaction that allowed that allowed us to maximize the benefit of integrating Digital Dudz's technology into AFG's new costumes, but still incentivizing Mark to grow the acquired business.

Peter Greenhalgh, CEO M+W (UK)

The acquisition of Senior Hargreaves is the second deal that Peter has advised us on in the last 18 months. His knowledge of the sector coupled with his ability to integrate with our team allows us to focus on the key operational aspects of the target, while he manages the transaction process.

Fraser Smeaton, CEO AFG Media Limited

We would like to thank Peter and Finbar for all their help. They believed in Morphsuits when we were just starting out and have advised us throughout all our key stages of growth. We look forward to working with them as we expand our business following the new investment.

Bill Elliott, Business Development Director Tamar Energy Limited

We chose Ignition Corporate Finance because of their track record of working with acquisitive and fast growing privately financed companies.

Finbar provided us with the advice and challenges we needed throughout the entire process, not just on the transaction itself, but also to ensure we maximised the value opportunity post acquisition.

Tim Roberts, Group Business Development Director TT electronics plc

I would like to thank Peter for all his support on the transaction, his experience of structuring transactions with administrators was key in helping us negotiate the deal we needed in a short time frame

Nick John, Chief Executive of FCP Internet Holdings Ltd

We are very pleased to have completed this deal with Dillistone. Although we have had a number of lucrative offers from potential buyers, we were always very clear that we would only sell to an acquirer that would offer an acceptable level of service to our clients and a future strategy for the business.

We would like to thank Peter for all his help and guidance over the last couple of years, he has always played the long game, and focused on the best deal for all the stake holders in the business irrespective of time. His previous experience of acting for listed acquirers on the buy-side provided us with invaluable insight when we were negotiating the deal with Dillistone.

Jennifer Denning, Director of Corporate Development, brightsolid innovation Limited

Transferring the operation of Friends Reunited Dating to Cupid Plc was the fourth successful deal that Peter has advised us on. Since 2004, we have worked together on a wide range of transactions including helping raise capital to fund the early growth of FindmyPast to selling the business to brightsolid/D.C. Thomson. Peter was subsequently retained by brightsolid to advise on the acquisition of the Friends Reunited Group from ITV. His track record of deals on the buy and sell side coupled with the ability to work alongside entrepreneurs, private equity investors and public companies has meant he has experience to advise us on a wide range of transactions both in the UK and overseas.

Jim Cartwright, Shareholder in Cygnet Foods Limited and Chairman of Dine Limited

I have engaged Finbar for every corporate finance transaction that I have sought to do over the past fifteen years. I cannot recommend him highly enough. He brings a wealth of experience to each and every transaction and his drive and ability to get things done are truly admirable. As we embark on the next phase of the growth of our businesses, there is only one person I would turn to when we next need corporate finance advice.

Jonathan Lee, Chief Financial Officer, Planit Holdings Limited

We have greatly appreciated the advice Finbar and Peter have provided to Planit throughout our ownership of the business. Their experience and expertise in every type of transaction we contemplated was invaluable in assisting us to create the shareholder value we achieved on our ultimate exit in a tight timeframe.

Tom Nawojczyk, CEO, in4tek Limited

We would like to thank Peter for his support throughout the process. His detailed knowledge of the market and the potential buyers ensured we delivered the best deal for all of the shareholders within a tight timeframe.

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